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Key-chain Pocket Breathalyzer

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Every year in the U.S. tens of thousands die as a result of impaired driving accidents. The average impaired driving charge costs $10,000 and could leave you with a criminal record, seriously affecting your life and your career. And that's the best case scenario where nobody gets hurt. 


The Pocket Breathalyzer is a solution that puts you in control. 

One Touch Operation - Simply power on your Pocket Breathalyzer and begin testing in seconds.

Audible Alert - Warning will sound when you're over your Blood Alcohol Content limit. 
Accurate Results - Micro sensor technology delivers reliable, accurate BAC results you can trust.
Ultra-Compact Design - Fits into your purse or slips into your pocket and can be easily used on key-chain (included).
Shareable - Easily removable, washable, and reusable mouthpieces make sharing your breathalyzer simple and hygienic (4 x mouthpieces included).
Optimal Breath Capture - Mouthpiece design ensures only your breath goes into the breathalyzer, while other airborne pollutants are kept out.
LED Display - BAC results are displayed on an easy-to-read LED display.
Battery Saving - Auto power-off feature conserves battery life (2 AAA batteries not included).




Sometimes after 1 or 2 drinks we aren't sure what our blood alcohol level really is. The Pocket Breathalyzer makes it easy and convenient to know when you need to make the safe choice and find another ride home. Slips into your pocket or easily stows away in your purse or glove box. Because it's always better to know. Please, be safe and arrive alive. 

 We wanted to offer a breathalyzer that would be easy to use, convenient and affordable. The low price makes the Pocket Breathalyzer widely available and our portable design means it's more likely to be kept handy and used when it's needed. Makes a great gift this Christmas. Help us by spreading the word to family and friends. 











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